Monday, November 19, 2012

Burda 7189 Eureka!

Well I have sliced and diced and chopped and split and slid and rearranged these sleeves and armholes until it is not even funny. But I think I have got it at last!

My right sleeve in the following photos is the one that works. The sleeve itself is in pitiful shape, but the armhole length is GREAT and widening the sleeve at the bicep makes an absolutely AMAZING difference in the fit and feel of the entire blouse.

This is an ugly, ugly muslin but I want to wear it all the time. No cuffs on this rendition.

The left sleeve is beyond being a hot mess. Talk about surgery gone wrong! This was about as much fun as kissing frogs.

Unless you, too, are TALL and have spent years wearing ill-fitting RTW with sleeves that bind and are always way too short, you cannot appreciate how much I love this ugly muslin. Since I was 14 years old I have never bought a RTW long-sleeved shirt that I could stand to wear more than an hour.

I want to make this FOR REAL in a solid ivory color, but I don't have enough fabric here and of course Joann's had what I wanted, but not enough of it. For now I am going to make a mock-up of another Vogue blouse.

Next time I'll iron the muslin for yall.


Gail said...

The effort you are putting into fitting will make such a difference to the finished garment. And you'll use it again.

Valerie said...

The muslin is looking good. May I suggest that you can add a bit of width to the sleeve seam at the armscye, then taper it in a few inches down the sleeve?

Juliane said...

Thank you, Valerie, I will. I'm still working on this one. I've been sidetracked for quite some time.