Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vogue 1177

Sometimes not having the perfect fabric for a desired pattern is a good thing. Since I was unable to find something suitable for the Burda 7189 blouse, I spent time making sure my pattern alterations were accurate and writing an extensive note to myself about them. I'm still anxious to make the blouse, but in the meantime I've been cutting out this Anna Sui pattern, Vogue 1177.
The pattern photo doesn't show off all the neat details of this dress--which I am planning to wear as a top with slim pants, so here is the line drawing from the Vogue website:

Of course I like the neat pleating on the sleeves and yokes, but a real surprise is the bodice armhole pieces. As a bonus, there is a bias slip pattern, too. I'm thinking how nice that would be just to have in the closet.

I've cut out most of the fabric already and I hope to finish the cutting tonight. After measuring the flat pattern I didn't think I would need to make alterations for the loose fit style.

The basic color for my Wardrobe Plan is dark chocolate brown, since I seem to have so much fabric in that color but hardly anything that color in my current closet. A big change is coming as I move away from a black based wardrobe into the brown family.

Picture of the crepe de chine I'm using for this pattern coming soon....

Thanks for reading, as always.

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